Randomized field experiment on electoral security in Liberia: slides from UBC talk

Here is a link to slides from my talk at University of British Columbia (UBC) political science department yesterday: link. The talk was on a randomized field experiment that Eric Mvukiyehe and I recently completed in Liberia. The field experiment tested the effectiveness of curriculum-based and security-institution-based strategies for preventing intimidation and violence during the 2011 elections. The endline data are still coming in, so the presentation focused on the theoretical motivation and design, with only a light discussion of preliminary results. We are hoping to have a project report in the coming weeks, and then papers over the coming year or so. Updates will be posted when those are out.

The talk was part of an excellent series that the UBC political science department is hosting on “Experiments in Development.” Here is the full roster of speakers: link. The series will host the semi-annual Experiments in Governance and Politics (EGAP) meeting in a few weeks as well: link.