Meetings & Appointments

For students interested in a one-on-one meeting to discuss research or courses, I have the following guidelines:

  • I try to hold office hours weekly, as available, for students to discuss research or courses.
  • If you have a meeting appointment, please come with the questions you would like to address clearly stated in a few bullet points.
  • It is unlikely that I will be able to read any memos, papers, etc. in advance of the meeting.
  • I may have to cancel or replace your appointment unexpectedly, so check the appointment spreadsheet just prior to your meeting to see if it has been canceled.
  • If your appointment is canceled or replaced, please do not take offense! There was a good reason for it.

Here is the link for students to sign up for a meeting: link.

For other types of appointments or requests, I can only respond intermittently via email.