Wartime violence & society in rural Nepal: findings from the qualitative literature

My co-researchers and I are currently analyzing data that we have collected as part of the Nepal Peacebuilding Survey, a multipurpose survey in 96 hamlets across Nepal studying the impact of wartime violence with implications for peacebuilding policy. Some background is here (link). Our implementation partner is New Era Nepal (link).

To inform our analysis, I’ve conducted a review of findings from qualitative (that is, ethnographic and journalistic) accounts of the effects of wartime violence in rural areas. I’m posting the review here (PDF) as a reference for others who might be interested. It is written in a very succinct style, and it presumes a good amount of previous knowledge about the 1996-2006 conflict between Maoist and state forces. Good background information is available on the web from, e.g., the International Crisis Group (link).

Comments are very welcome, either here in the comments section or via email. I’m especially interested in recommendations of additional literature or comments explaining different interpretations of the findings in this literature. I’ll share more on the findings from the data analysis as we complete it.


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