[x2022 Spring] POLS GA 1251 Quant II


  • Office hours sign-ups: [link]
  • Zoom link for lectures: [link]
  • Midterm is planned for Wed 9-Mar-2022.
  • No class on the following dates:
    • Mon, 21-Feb-2022
    • Mon, 14-Mar-2022, and Wed, 16-Mar-2022
    • Wed, 6-Apr-2022
    • Wed, 13-Apr-2022
  • Final will be a take-home that you can do over a 24-hour period of your choosing during the exam period.



Jan 24
Jan 26
Jan 31
Feb 2
Feb 7
Feb 9
Feb 14
Feb 16
Feb 20-Mar 9

The following slides complement the instrumental variables lectures organized in my absence:

Mar 21
Mar 23
  • 12 repeated observations I
  • Video on triple differences: [link]
  • Xu’s short course on current methods for causal inference with panel data (including FE, DID, synthetic control, IPW, etc.): [link]
  • DID Reading Group lectures: [link]
  • Very nice DID resource page: [link]
Mar 28

The following slides complement the regression discontinuity lectures organized in my absence:

Mar 30
Apr 4
Apr 11
Apr 18
Apr 20
Apr 25
Apr 27
May 2
May 4
May 9


(Homework due via email to Cyrus and Giacomo by 5pm ET on the dates posted below.)

homework 1 (due Fri, 4-Feb-2022):
homework 2 (due Fri, 18-Feb-2022):
homework 3 (due Fri, 4-Mar-2022):
homework 4 (due Fri, 1-Apr-2022):
homework 5 (due Fri, 15-Apr-2022):
homework 6 (due Fri, 29-Apr-2022):