`rdd’: A new R package for nonparametric estimation with regression discontinuity designs

Drew Dimmery, a current NYU PhD student, has just finished coding up a new package for R that applies state-of-the-art non-parametric methods to estimate treatment effects for regression discontinuity designs. The package is now in beta, and we are looking for feedback from users. Drew has a nice description at his blog here: link. Drew also posted an introduction to the package to the POLMETH listserv: link.

Some great feedback has already come in, focusing in particular on possible problems with the Imbens-Kalynaraman bandwidth selection algorithm. If you have suggestions on improvements on that front, we are especially interested.

We are hoping to add more functionality to future versions (e.g., nonparametric covariate adjustment).

We would love to receive more feedback, whether in comments here, on Drew’s blog, or via email.


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